Film Poster for Ghost of Recent Past written and directed by Edgar Garcia Chavez

Ghost of Recent Past

Newlyweds inheriting a haunted house must face a vengeful prankster ghost with a twisted vendetta, forcing them to confront the house’s dark past and their own marital fears.

HE: Ahh! It cut me!

She runs back to the kitchen.

SHE: What cut you?

HE: The milk.


HE: I think the milk has gone bad.

She smiles, tries to be serious.

SHE: Are you serious, are you listening to yourself?

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Oregon Society of Artists 3rd Annual Multicultural and Diversity Show, July 2024

We are thrilled to announce that Ghost of Recent Past was selected for the 3rd Annual Multicultural & Diversity Show hosted by the Oregon Society of Artists at 2185 SW Park Place in Portland, Oregon. 

The exhibit will be open and films available to view until July 25th.


Ghost of Recent Past Bryson Black as He
Bryson Black as He

Bryson attended the Western Oregon University acting school (2019), he brings a captivating presence to the stage and screen. He brings raw emotion to any scene. He’s also a master of accents, seamlessly transforming his voice to embody a wide range of characters. And when the script calls for action, Bryson shines in fight choreography, delivering believable and dynamic combat sequences.

Chyna Rae Shurts as She in Ghost of Recent Past
Chyna Rae Shurts as She

Chynna is a Portland, OR based actress. She graduated with a BFA in Acting from Western Oregon University in 2021 and is known for her film work in A Haunting in Ravenwood (Mary Olsen), The Last Slay Ride (Lauren Moore), Night Shift (Darcy Blake), Cross Hollow (Samantha Young), and many other local films. She is grateful to the friends, family, and mentors who have given their support and believed in her, and to all those who have given her the opportunity to do what she loves and is passionate about like all the wonderful people behind Ghost of Recent Past.

Billy Burgess as the Ghost in Ghost of Recent Past
Billy Burges as the Ghost

Billy Burgess is a Portland, Oregon-based actor-writer. He began acting and writing in his native Virginia in the late 1970s – focusing on stage work until his move to Portland in 2016. His first day on a film set came that year when his first screenplay, The Ties that Bind, a crime drama, was shot in Portland and Scappoose, Oregon. Since then he has concentrated on film and video acting, including the feature film Tune Out. He has acted in two films for writer- director Edgar Garcia Chavez, Trust me, I’m a Doctor, and Ghost of Recent Past, playing the title roles in both films.

Director Statement

Ten years ago, I settled into Portland, Oregon. While researching local history, I stumbled upon a horrifying truth: Oregon’s constitution once prohibited Black people from owning land, a fact unchanged from the constitution until 2002. It also surprised me that 30% of voters elected to keep the racist clauses in the constitution. I thought it would be interesting to bring this event into modern times, how a person that died over a 100 years ago will feel about the new residents of his house not being white? How this spirit / ideology keeps haunting this house and to what lengths will this vengeful spirit go to in order to reclaim his property?

The film uses humor to shed light on a serious issue – discrimination – which, despite its specific setting, remains a universal problem.

The film production tries to highlight diversity and acceptance with at least 50% of its cast and crew coming from underrepresented communities. Among the talented team are a diverse mix of individuals, including talent from India, Cambodia, Thailand, and Mexico. Also represented are African Americans, and people experiencing disabilities, all contributing their unique perspectives. As a native Mexican and also the director, writer, and producer, the creative helm of the project is steered by a Latino, who guided the artistic vision and decision-making process.


Ghost of Recent Past Best Story Award at the Los Angeles Short Film Festival
Los Angeles Short Film Festival, Best Story Ghost of Recent Past
Oregon Short Film Festival, Ghost of Recent Past, directed by Edgar Garcia Chavez, is the winner of the Spring 2024 Best Dark Comedy Film Award
Oregon Short Film Festival, Ghost of Recent Past, directed by Edgar Garcia Chavez, winner of the Spring 2024 Best Dark Comedy Film Award

Behind the scenes/rehearsals

Official Selection Latino Film Market 2024, Ghost of Recent Past, newly married couple coming into home for the first time

Ghosts of the past are always present.